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On the first day of Minds In Motion classes, Teaching Artists and Musicians reveal that all of the students will be performing on stage, creating an unforgettable performance for large audiences. A multitude of responses come from the young, soon-to-be dancers. Eyes twinkle with excitement or open wide in fear. Comments from, “Yeah!” to “No way,” to “I can’t, I have stage fright,” all bubble up from the class. Then the dancing begins and everyone relaxes into the joy of moving. For our year-long programs in Richmond and Charlottesville, that moment happened back in September of 2016. Fast forward through a year of challenges, personal successes, hard work and good learning about the Rappahannock Tribe and now the classes are full of expectation and anticipation. They are full of confidence too. Watch out audiences, you’re in for an incredible performance with “Return to the River”! Come and join us at Dominion Arts Center in Richmond, VA on April 26th-28th, 2017. Each evening at 5:30 and 7:30, 450 students will take the stage at Carpenter Theatre. On June 1st at 7:00pm, 350 students will wow audiences with their incredible dancing at the Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center in Charlottesville, VA. These performances are Richmond Ballet’s offering of public art—free and open for all to enjoy. Come see the work and dedication of these young dancers along with our own Richmond Ballet professional company. It’s brimming with goodness!

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Minds In Motion Israel 2017

Nervous chattering and smiles of anticipation filled the gym as the students from Al Salam, an Arab Israeli school, and Beit Yitzhak, a Jewish Israeli school, gathered for their final performance of our 2017 Minds In Motion Israel Residency. As the classes presented their culminating performance together, the audience partook deeply. Everyone was clearly moved by the experience of witnessing these two groups of students smiling, dancing, collaborating. It is no wonder when the audience was asked to dance and join us that the gym erupted into a huge dance party. The…
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Richmond Ballet presents “Return to the River” in partnership with the Rappahannock Tribe of Virginia. Join us for the 2017 Minds In Motion culminating performance!

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