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Anticipation for the upcoming year is building. From Lecture Demonstrations and Youth Performances to Community Dance Connection and Minds In Motion, Richmond Ballet Outreach is excited to begin the season. This year the Lecture Demonstration will feature an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. These 45 minute performances bring K-5 elementary audiences closer to the world of professional dance with exquisite performances by RBII that are loaded with audience participation. This season we will present four inspirational Youth Performances: three of our magical Nutcracker and one of the full-length story ballet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Look for our free Community Dance Connections, open to the public. They give audiences an insider’s view of upcoming performances by having a shared experience with Richmond Ballet professional Company dancers, Ballet Masters and guest speakers. Entering it’s 22nd year, Minds In Motion, the cornerstone of our Outreach programs, will partner with the Rappahannock Tribe of Virginia. Students will connect with the culture, history and traditions of a tribe whose presence in Virginia dates back well before the first English Settlers landed in Jamestown. Minds In Motion Israel will continue to bring together students from a Jewish-Israeli School and an Arab-Israeli School to share in a collaborative experience with dance that erases cultural barriers. Stay connected with our Latest News below to see how Richmond Ballet Outreach aspires to help transform our world through the unique and special power of dance.

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Putting It Together

What’s it like to be a Minds In Motion (MIM) student? Classroom teachers got a chance to find out. Professors Joan Rhodes and Misti Wajciechowski from VCU School of Education and Professor Julie Gray from UVa-Richmond are partnering with MIM to present a professional learning session for all MIM classroom teachers. Richmond Ballet Outreach Director Cat Studdard had us moving like water, beating a drum, and catching raindrops—all to music performed by the magnificent MIM musicians. Joan, Misti, and Julie made connections between the 4th grade language arts curriculum and…
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Richmond Ballet Outreach Announcements

Minds In Motion is pleased to announce its partner for 2016-17: The Rappahannock Tribe of Virginia.  Under the guidance of Chief Anne Richardson, the Rappahannock people are committed to maintaining the cohesiveness of their tribe through dancing, drumming, craft work, story- telling, returning to the river and listening to the land. The Rappahannock tribe was present in Virginia well before the English Settlers began to create Jamestown and was part of the alliance of Tribes under the celebrated Chief Powhatan. Their rich history and strong culture will offer our Minds In Motion students an incredible opportunity to connect with the roots of our country’s indigenous people.

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