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Administrative Team back to top

Name Title Phone
IMG_7676edit Brett Bonda Managing Director 804-344-0906 x240
IMG_2926ed1 Tracy Coogle Chief Financial Officer 804-344-0906 x238
Neal Gifford Human Resource Manager 804-344-0906 x225
IMG_0983ed Donna Lynne Carter Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director 804-344-0906 x230
IMG_0914ed2 Sarah Ferguson Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, Company Photographer 804-344-0906 x239
IMG_1008edw Tanya Dolphin Accountant 804-344-0906 x300
IMG_1019ed Pam Walsh Controller 804-344-0906 x267
IMG_1192ed Gretchen Hemmer Facilities Manager 804-344-0906 x236

Artistic Team back to top

Name Title Phone
Winslett for playbill- small for website Stoner Winslett Artistic Director 804-344-0906
IMG_8145edit Malcolm Burn Artistic Associate, Ballet Master 804-344-0906, x222
IMG_9373edit Judy Jacob Artistic Associate, School Director 804-344-0906, x233
Kumery Head Shot 2009edit Jerri Kumery Ballet Master 804-344-0906
IMG_8137edit Igor Antonov Richmond Ballet II Director 804-344-0906

Production Team back to top

Name Title Phone
IMG_8673edit MK Stewart Production Director 804-344-0906, x235
IMG_0964edcrw Tracie Woods Morin Company Manager 804-344-0906, x245
IMG_1073ed Brian Sherman Technical Director 804-344-0906, x255
IMG_0981ed Emily DeAngelis Costume Director 804-344-0906 x242
IMG_1113ed Taylor Nelms Master Electrician 804-344-0906 x280
IMG_1065ed Dave Watkins Audio/Visual Supervisor 804-344-0906, x274

Minds In Motion Team back to top

Name Title Phone
Cat Studdard Cat Studdard Minds In Motion Director 804-344-0906 x221
IMG_9870crop2 Guinn Baker Education & Outreach Coordinator 804-344-0906 x289
IMG_9957ed2 Jessica Mayes Minds In Motion Administrator 804-344-0906 x283
Paul Dandridge Paul Dandridge Minds In Motion Teaching Artist
Jordan Livermon Jordan Glunt MIM Artistic Assistant/Team XXL Administrator & MIM Teaching Artist 804-344-0906 x223
Blanton Bradley Blanton Bradley Minds In Motion Music Supervisor and SRB Musician 804-344-0906 x368

The School of Richmond Ballet Team back to top

Name Title Phone
IMG_9373edit Judy Jacob Artistic Associate, School Director 804-344-0906, x233
IMG_9246edit Rebecca Weger School Manager, SRB Faculty 804-344-0906 x231
IMG_9264edit2 Susan Collet School Administrator 804-344-0906 x228
TaraPenick Tara Penick Principal, Middle School Division 804-344-0906
IMG_9330edit Anne Sidney Hetherington SRB Lower Division Principal 804-344-0906
IMG_9352edit Jasmine Grace SRB Faculty 804-344-0906
IMG_2594edit Susan Israel Massey Faculty 804-344-0906
IMG_9390edit Arnott Mader SRB Faculty 804-344-0906
IMG_9405edit Paul Dandridge MIM Teaching Artist and SRB Faculty 804-344-0906
IMG_9236edit Emily Poff MIM Teaching Artist and SRB Faculty 804-344-0906
IMG_9254edit Katherine Bishop SRB Music Supervisor 804-344-090 x241
Katherine Smothers Teaching Artist and SRB Faculty 804-344-0906

Marketing Team back to top

Name Title Phone
IMG_8776edit Pearl Wise-Crawley Marketing Director 804-344-0906 x285
IMG_1284ed2 Kate Crowder Communications Director 804-344-0906 x246
IMG_1214ed Dawn LeHuray Patron Services Manager 804-344-0906 x244
IMG_1228ed Jonathan Sanford Patron Services Representative 804-344-0906 x224
IMG_0914ed2 Sarah Ferguson Company Photographer, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director 804-344-0906 x239

Development Team back to top

Name Title Phone
IMG_3914editw William G. Hancock Campaign Director 804-344-0906 x270
IMG_1098ed Lindsay Lane Robinson Development Director 804-344-0906 x252
IMG_1032ed Amber Berry Corporate and Sponsorships Manager 804-344-0906 x269
IMG_1200ed Jennifer Whiteside Annual Fund Manager 804-344-0906 x247
IMG_1232ed Marcia Collier Special Events 804-344-0906 x258
IMG_1270ed Nathalie Oates Development Associate & Assistant to the Campaign Director 804-344-0906 x284
IMG_1154ed Blair Bigelow Development Associate 804-344-0906 x268
IMG_2933ed Mary Catesby Paul Campaign Coordinator and Assistant to Campaign Director 804-344-0906 x284