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National & International Touring

“China is already the largest customer of Virginia’s agricultural and forestry products and one of our state’s largest trade partners. The Ballet’s Road to China initiative provides an opportunity to continue an open and collaborative dialogue that could set the stage for future partnerships between our two countries.”
– Terry McAuliffe
Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia

National touring advances the artistry of The State Ballet of Virginia throughout the United States, while international touring promotes cultural exchanges with other countries and enriches communities on both sides of the collaboration. Funding for national and international touring defrays travel and production costs as the Ballet continues to educate and excite new audiences with its contribution to the art of dance.

Richmond Ballet has been honored to represent the Commonwealth of Virginia at a variety of renowned national and international venues, including The Joyce Theater in New York City, the Lindbury Theatre at London’s Royal Opera House, and The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The unprecedented China tour in May 2015 marked a new threshold in the Company’s history.