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“But first a School.”
– George Balanchine

SCHOOL OF RICHMOND BALLET was founded in 1975 to provide the highest standard of avocational and pre-professional ballet training in Virginia. The School is the official ballet training division of Richmond Ballet, The State Ballet of Virginia, and offers exceptional dance training to over 900 students of all ages, including many who receive scholarships. Whether you are an aspiring professional or simply love to dance, our mission is to bring out the best in our students with a curriculum for every skill level.

Community Engagement

Minds In Motion reaches communities through the universal language of dance. Young dancers jump, twist, shake, and stomp through dynamic choreography during classes as part of their school day. Reaching 1,500 students annually, ages 9-14, across Central Virginia, Minds In Motion successfully links discipline, teamwork, exercise, and choreography to students’ academic work and in school, and daily routines.

Richmond Ballet II, founded in 2012, tours throughout Virginia, offering compelling, engaging ballet performances and outreach programming. RBII Lecture Demonstrations bring interactive versions of classic story ballets to more than sixty elementary schools every year.