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Invitation to the Dance

SRB Invitation to the Dance for students three and four years of age will introduce your child to ballet through movement and music. Your child’s natural love of dancing will be enhanced through body awareness, listening skills, and rhythm in a structured yet imaginative environment.


Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet

School of Richmond Ballet takes students from the classroom to the theatre for a ballet adventure designed especially for students five, six, and seven years of age. Each week students enjoy a variety of activities which include dancing the SRB ballet syllabus and learning about the story, music, costumes, and scenery of a ballet.



All students must be the required age by September 1, 2020.

In-Person Options # Age Day/Time Quarterly Tuition Teacher
Pre-Primary 104A 6 Sa 9:00-9:50am $190.50 Sarah Ruppel
Pre-Primary/Primary 105A 6-7 Sa 9:00-10:00am $190.50 Anne Sidney Hetherington
Primary 105B 7 Sa 11:30am-12:30pm $192.50 Sarah Ruppel


Virtual Options # Age Day/Time Quarterly Tuition Teacher
Invitation to the Dance II 102VA 4 T 3:00-3:40pm $124.80 Sarah Ruppel
Invitation to the Dance III 103VB 5-6 F 4:10-5:00pm $124.80 Sarah Ruppel
Pre-Primary/Primary 104VA 6-7 M 3:30-4:20pm $152.40 Sarah Ruppel

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General Policies

  1. View the SRB Student and Parent Acknowledgement and Waiver here.
  2. Parents are asked to please remain in the lobby during class times, so that the student can focus his/her entire attention on dance.
  3. The School is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property. Please leave all valuables at home. Please label dancewear with student’s name.
  4. Dance is a strenuous activity. The School suggests a complete physical prior to starting classes.
  5. Students are not permitted to participate in a class after entering late without the permission of the instructor.
  6. Absences should be reported prior to the missed class at 804.344.0906 x228. Students are urged to make up any classes that are missed if there is another class option (of the same level). Make up classes must be completed within the session. Ask your child’s instructor for advice on make up class times.
  7. For their safety, students should wear street clothes and shoes when entering and leaving the Richmond Ballet building.
  8. Tuition is non-refundable except in the case of serious illness or injury with written verification from a physician. The School of Richmond Ballet does not refund registration fees.
  9. Classes are contingent upon meeting required enrollment numbers. The School of Richmond Ballet may cancel any classes not meeting enrollment requirements.
  10. Students may bring non-breakable water bottles to class. Food and/or other beverages are allowed in designated snack areas only. Gum is not allowed in the Ballet building.

Children’s Division Girls:

  • Invitation to the Dance II, III: Pink short sleeve, scoop neck leotard, pink or skin toned footed dance tights, or pink or white ankle socks, and pink or skin toned leather full-sole ballet shoes with elastic across the in-step
  • Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet: Eurotard brand, Lilac short sleeve, scoop neck leotard, pink or skin toned footed dance tights, and pink or skin toned leather full-sole ballet shoes with elastic across the in-step
  • Hair should be pulled back neatly from the face in a ballet bun or ponytail.
  • No split sole or canvas ballet shoes; leather full-sole with elastic across in-step only

Children’s Division Boys:

  • Black knit shorts and a white fitted T-shirt, black leather full-sole ballet shoes with elastic across the in-step and white socks

Additional Information

  • Please label all dancewear and dance shoes.
  • No varied necklines, strings, halters, or low backs on leotards. Uniform style only.
  • No skirts, sweats, warmers, jewelry, or watches
  • No footless or rolled up tights in ballet classes

School of Richmond Ballet would like to announce that we have made the decision to update our Dress Code. Our Dress Code will now state the students may select pink or skin-toned tights for all ballet and pointe classes. Students may also select pink or skin-toned ballet slippers and pointe shoes. The faculty would like to see students select the uniform that makes them feel their best and most confident in the studios. We, as an organization, understand that pink tights to not highlight the individuality of each student which is one of the many elements of training at SRB. The goal would be to achieve a look that is stream-lined and intended to enhance the aesthetics of ballet and the line of the body. We would like to share that many manufacturers are now coming on board with offering a variety of tones/color choices to reflect the variety of students that choose to study ballet. We hope to see continued progress and evolution in the field as we move forward into the 21st Century.

(The School of Richmond Ballet dress code attire can be purchased at Ellman’s Dancewear in Carytown.)