Richmond Ballet News


March 14th, 2019

Minds In Motion classes had some special visitors last month: members of the Richmond Ballet professional company dropped in to take class with the 4th-graders! So, what does a day with a professional dancer look like? Mostly, it’s business as usual: our MIM dancers are working hard to get their show ready for the big stage in April. But the pros did lead some of the moving and grooving: everything from jumping jacks to some very fancy ballet steps, with just a splash of Orange Justice for good measure.


Classes did get to see videos of their visiting dancers performing on stage, and had some Q&A time.

Q: “How do you jump so high?”

A: “Practice!”


And, of course, no special day is complete without a commemorative group selfie!

It’s back to the ballet studio for our professional dancers—they have their own shows to get together—but they will rejoin the MIM dancers for the culminating performances in April. See you there!

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