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Taking Up Residence

November 2nd, 2018

Did you know that Minds In Motion has a residency program? We caught up with some members of the teaching team to find out more.This fall, residency teams are heading out to local schools (St. Christopher’s), not-so-local schools (in Portsmouth), and international schools (in Israel). Their mission: turn 4th-graders into dancers in just 2 weeks!

What is a Minds In Motion residency? “A Minds In Motion residency is the alternative to our year-long program, typically offered to schools outside of the Richmond and Charlottesville areas or to schools that are unable to commit to a full year schedule.” -Callie M, teaching artist.

How is a residency different from the full-year RVA program?  “The MIM residency program is a distillation of the full-year program. The teaching artists get to see each class for 45 minutes EVERY DAY rather than just once a week in the full year-long program.” -Ben M, teaching artist.

“The year-long MIM program in Richmond is familiar to the community. The residency is usually unfamiliar to students, parents, teachers, and the community.  It is a wonderful opportunity for children to be exposed to dance and be taught by professional dancers, without intimidation of having to know ballet terminology, wear ballet clothing and giving up after school time. All children are welcome and able to participate!” -Amy H, musician

What’s special about a residency to you? “My favorite thing so far about the residencies is seeing the kids’ confidence get higher and higher everyday. Because we are seeing them everyday, their growth rate in unbelievable. Going from day 1 where we teach them how to count in “dancer 8s” to the final performance is such a drastic shift, and seeing how proud they are of themselves by the end is really emotional and empowering.” -Callie M.


“As a musician, I do get to see the students “light up” when something finally clicks or when the teaching artists give them praise and high fives for progressing and doing what they’ve never done before!” -Amy H

“The best and most rewarding part of being a MIM residency teaching artist is seeing the transformation from day 1 to the final performance. The kids are able to making amazing things happen in such a short period of time. It’s excellent to see the reactions from school staff as well…To be honest, if I could teach residencies year round, I would!” -Ben M.

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