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Meanwhile, at the Richmond Ballet…

July 18th, 2018

School might be out for the summer, but our minds are definitely still in motion.

It’s anything but the lazy days of summer at the Richmond Ballet dance studios. Minds In Motion summer camp participants are stomping, twisting, clapping, and grooving through the day, putting together a show in just 2 short weeks!


The Minds In Motion Ambassadors are hard at work too, in a formal dance technique class.

Soon, they’ll be learning their dance repertoire for the coming year.

And that’s just been the past month!


MIM Summer Camps continue through August. Registrations forms are available at

After two intensive workshops in August, the Ambassadors will hold a sneak preview performance for family and friends. They’ll begin touring their show throughout the Richmond community in October, at the 2nd Street Festival.


Soon, it will be onward to the school year, and an exciting partnership with the VMFA!


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