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Going Pro

March 1st, 2018

February brings some new faces to the Minds In Motion classroom: professional ballet dancers! Every year, members of the Richmond Ballet professional company take a week out of their rehearsal schedule to groove it out with the 4th-graders. It’s a fun exchange where the professionals learn some MIM moves, and the students get to try out some ballet moves.

It’s also a chance for the students to ask questions, everything from: “How do you jump so high” and “why are you wearing tights” to “What was your inspiration to learn ballet” and “What’s your strategy for dealing with nerves?”

With performances rapidly approaching, dealing with mistakes and managing nerves have become increasingly relevant to the 4th-graders. Here are some top tips from the pros:

On practicing

“Even if you mess up, don’t give up–that means that you guys are trying and you’re challenging yourselves, so that’s a good thing.” -Fernando Sabino

On what to do when you mess up

“The best thing to do is to keep moving.” -Marty Davis

“Just keep smiling.” -Melissa Robinson

“Mistakes are going to happen no matter what…the most important thing is that you keep moving forward.” -Sabrina Holland

On being nervous

“Breathe, think it through, and just go for it” -Peter Elverson

“Remember, the audience is there because they want to see you dance.” -Abi Goldstein

Richmond-area students, alongside their professional dance mentors, will perform April 26th & 27th at the Dominion Energy Center. Until then, it’s keep smiling, keep moving, and most importantly, keep breathing!

submitted by Rachel Shimkus, musician


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