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A Part of the Story

January 13th, 2017

Minds In Motion Teaching Artists and Musicians had a wonderful winter break and are moving into 2017 having laid a foundation of dance into the lives of hundreds of 4th graders during the fall. Teaching Artists delve into creating dances that their students will perform at the end of April in Richmond and the start of June in Charlottesville. Each dance circles around a common theme or story. Every year, Minds In Motion works to bring a deeper understanding of content to the 4th graders by inserting them into a story. Through that immersion, the dancers find that the show is bigger than themselves; they are part of a whole. This year, we will “Return to the River” by sharing the story of Chief Anne and the Rappahannock Tribe. To help the dancers understand their part in the whole, Minds In Motion Teaching Artists read a section of the story each week. It also gives hard working dancers a much-deserved break!

Listening to story 2

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