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Lights! Camera! Parents?

November 4th, 2016

Students at Bellevue Elementary decorate open class invitations for their parents.

It’s been an exciting time in the Minds In Motion classrooms. During the month of October, we invited parents into the class to be our inaugural audience. After the first moments of panic (ZOMG! My dad is watching, aaah!) our dancers took their first steps towards becoming performers.

In most ways, it was just another day in MIM class–warm up, review steps, revisit beginning choreography. There’s a lot to do before taking the BIG stage in April, after all. But it’s such a great feeling when you finish a dance and people applaud.

The story told through mime and music was a hit, judging by the snickers from the audience. And I’m sure that my audience at William Fox will remember students balancing the space like light bulbs, ceiling fans, and staircases for quite a while.

–Rachel Shimkus, MIM Musician


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