Richmond Ballet News

Putting It Together

September 16th, 2016

What’s it like to be a Minds In Motion (MIM) student? Classroom teachers got a chance to find out. Professors Joan Rhodes and Misti Wajciechowski from VCU School of Education and Professor Julie Gray from UVa-Richmond are partnering with MIM to present a professional learning session for all MIM classroom teachers. Richmond Ballet Outreach Director Cat Studdard had us moving like water, beating a drum, and catching raindrops—all to music performed by the magnificent MIM musicians. Joan, Misti, and Julie made connections between the 4th grade language arts curriculum and the Rappahannock Tribe who value community and teach their children about tribal heritage through oral traditions. From creating stories to problem solving we learned about team building and how simple and important it is to get our students up and moving. The 90-minute session directed us to websites, gave us hand-outs and easy to implement activities. We even got to swing it out! The school year is off to a great start.img_1418


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