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TRAVELOGUE! Richmond Ballet in China – ‘Meet In Beijing’ Arts Festival

June 1st, 2015

We opened our performances in China at the National Centre for the Performing Arts on May 22nd to a full house, and closed with thunderous applause from Chinese audiences in Beijing. What a great way to start off the tour!!

Made in The USA: Traditions & Innovations



Swipe (pictured here)
Choreography by Val Caniparoli
Music by Gabriel Prokofiev
Costume Design by Sandra Woodall
Original Lighting Design by MK Stewart

After Eden (pictured here)
Choreography by John Butler
Music by Lee Hoiby
Costume Design by John Butler
Original Lighting Design by Richard Moore

Lift The Fallen (pictured here)
Choreography by Ma Cong
Music by Max Richter
Costumes by Rebecca Baygents Turk
Original Lighting Design by MK Stewart

Valse Fantaisie. Choreography by George Balanchine. (C) The George Balanchine Trust. (not pictured)


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