Don Quixote

Don Quixote

February 20–22, 2015

Carpenter Theatre at Richmond CenterStage
600 East Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Adapted from the famous Cervantes tale of the aging, yet forever valiant (if not aloof) knight and his faithful squire Sancho Panza, Nicolas Beriozoff’s Don Quixote tells the playful story of two young lovers, the spirited maiden Kitri and her opportunistic Basilio, who, through a series of humorous events meet Cervantes’ hero en route to the altar.

Filled with the bright colors of sunny Spain, bravura, high-flying jumps, and sizzling spins, Don Quixote is set to one of the most well-known ballet scores ever written in the work of Ludwig Minkus, and its choreography, originally set by the masterful Marius Petipa and adapted for Richmond Ballet by Beriozoff in 1985, is strong, sassy, and overflowing with energy.

This popular full-length ballet is the beginning of our cultural exchange, the Road to China, with Wang Ye and Ma Xiaodong, principal dancers and guest artists from the National Ballet of China.



Kitri: Wang Ye

Basilio: Ma Xiaodong

Don Quixote: Malcolm Burn

Sancho Panza: Trevor Davis

Gamache: Matthew Frain

Queen of the Dryads: Shira Lanyi

Mercedes, a Street Dancers: Maggie Small

Espada, a Toreador: Fernando Sabino

Kitri’s Friends: Cody Beaton & Elena Bello

Lead Gypsy Couple: Lauren Fagone & Phillip Skaggs




*Casting is always subject to change. 

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