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Welcome to Minds in Motion!

September 27th, 2013


Teaching Artist Paul Dandridge with Hopkins Elementary Dancers


Welcome to Minds In Motion!


Richmond Ballet’s Minds In Motion (MIM) program has kicked off its first week of the year in Richmond with a bang. 1,415 students were taught, in 59 classes throughout the course of the week, their very first Minds In Motion class. Depending on who you asked, preconceptions of the program involved concerns about taking a ballet class (MIM is a pedestrian based movement which uses similar anatomical concepts, but is most certainly not ballet), to excitement from knowing a friend or a family member who has already had their year in MIM. After completing their first class, one student even exclaimed that “It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be at all! My friend told me we had to wear booty shorts!”

Each week, the 7 MIM Teaching Artists will go into the Richmond area schools which include 4 independent schools, 11 Richmond public schools, 2 Chesterfield public schools, and all 3 Hopewell city schools where the Teaching Artists will transform the 4th graders into performers. All culminating with an end-of-year performance at Richmond CenterStage’s Carpenter Theatre where they will also perform with Richmond Ballet’s Professional Company. Though for all 1,415 students it is a new experience, for schools that have been in the program for some time, it is seen as a rite of passage as a 4th grader. Some schools have even been in the program since its inception or soon after and it is like becoming part of a legacy to dance and perform with your peers from across the city.

This year, the MIM collective is welcoming back Bellevue Elementary to the program and Emily, the Teaching artist for Bellevue, was greeted not only by a statue of Bill “Bojangle’s” Robinson dressed for class in a beautiful tutu, but also a 4th grade full of future dancers ready to show what they can do. MIM also welcomes St. Christopher’s School to its very first year in the fold. The all boys school welcomed their Teaching Artists Paul and Jewel with some raucous dancing that even their teachers couldn’t help but to join in.


Dancing statue outside Bellevue Elementary Schools gets ready for the new MIM year.

Dancing statue outside Bellevue Elementary Schools gets ready for the new MIM year.

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